torsdag 16 augusti 2012

Fridge Magnets


Today I want to show you something that I never tried before, making fridge magnets from stamps!
I used Shrinking plastic, so you have to remember to not choose to small stamps because they do shrink quite a bit!

So I took the stamp of m choose, stamp it on the plastic, shrunk it and glued a magnet o the backside and I must say I think they came out great! From what I understand you can get the plastic in all sorts of colures not just white and transparent so if you want more colorful without the hassle of coloring yourself just buy the already colored ones :)(of course you can choose stamps the need coloring, I know you can use copics on the plastic don’t know about what other types of colors will stick).

The stamps I have used Comes from Stämpelkällan

Lots of love

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