söndag 26 augusti 2012

Bottles of squash!


I have been making squash from all the different berries we have in the garden, all together I think I made some 8 liters of concentrated squash and half of it is already gone because of birthday parties and stuff :) But for the ones I still have I made labels for. 

Pippin kindly shared the journaling labels she made with her silhouette so I took e few of them and put my own text in them and then used the print and cut option in the silhouette. After that I laminated them seeing as I only have a color ink printer and I didn’t want the color to run if they got wet. And let’s be honest they will get wet no matter how careful you are :)

I used my heating gun so the label would shape after the bottle and not stick out on the sides, and that’s it really here is the result!

Until next time!

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