onsdag 29 augusti 2012

Angel card


Here Is a card I made, I think it is the cleanest card I have ever made in terms of decor :) It was one of those cards that I had problems finishing and I guess that’s why there are so little decorations on it. The papers are scrap pieces and I really like them but it seems I don’t have that much stuff that goes with them, or maybe it’s me who can’t see the stuff... you know I can’t see the wood for all the trees syndrome... :) Another reason why this challenge I am doing is a good idea, so all the decorations I have lying around in boxes get used instead of me being lazy not looking through the stuff and goes to by something new... :)

Anyway the stamp is a Stämpelkällan one (no surprise there :)) called "vilma på moln, håller ett hjärta".

Have a great day :)

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Marie-Louise sa...

Jättefint, jag älskar de stämplarna :-) Du får inspirera mig ikväll! Kramis