söndag 15 maj 2011

New Stamps from Stämpelkällan

Hi all

Tomorrow is the big day! The new stamps from Stämpelkällan are being released. There are so many I just have to have!! :) Last weekend we were at our get-together and I got the chance to get a sneak peek on them and even use two for a card!! 
Here it is:

Isn’t it sassy? And how useable isn’t the sentiment? I like that it’s a bit more...how do you say... "masculine", I mean I’m all for a font that is sheer and beautiful with lots of turns an twists but it doesn’t always work on all cards I make, if you know what I mean. So tomorrow don’t forget, you have to pop in to Stämpelkällan shop and look at all the new stamps that they release :)

Hope you enjoy and take care

3 kommentarer:

Pyssel och Kort sa...

Snygg tjej!!
Kram Elin

Monica =) sa...

Hej där!!
Tjusigt kort! Gillar också den texten massor. Fast det finns fler i nya släppet som hamnar på måste-ha-listan =)
Kram, Monica

Jaana sa...

Snyggt jobbat och tack för senast !