torsdag 19 maj 2011

Another Book box

I really liked making these book boxes so here is another one. I still made this one with the extra box inside but instead of putting sweets in this one I put some tea lights and a box of matches, and I know I didn’t decorate the box of matches :) only because I had to take it out after the picture was taken seeing as I was not even half full so I just thought I would decorate another one when I bought them and put that one in instead if I was to give it away sometime :).

The stamp as usual is a Stämpelkällan one and this little cutie is called  Mus med papraply / Mouse with umbrella. I have colored it with copics.

For the decor I have used lots and lots of flowers, mixing different kinds. Cherry blossoms. Roses and a kind that I have no idea what sorts of flowers they are suppose to look like. Instead of pearls I have used something called paper pen, something I picked up from Mixen the other day. I used to make my own half pearls with pearl maker but I didn’t really like it because I always got a little tip instead of the lovely round shape on my drops, but this not was much easier to work with. I warmly recommend them if you don’t want to use premade pears that you buy on sheets. (If you are using allot like II am it can get expensive to use the premade ones :)) And of course I can’t forget that I also put tons of stickles on every flower!! If you didn’t know I have a thing for stickles; p. 

Here is a picture from the inside the box can hold 4 tea lights and one matchbox. Hmmm and I also see now that I forgot to put the lace on the inside I need to do that :)

Hope you all have fun in the sun!

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