torsdag 13 september 2012

Thank you card


Hope you all having a lovely week, I am now preparing mentally for next week when my youngest girl starts daycare, its going to feel strange. I haven’t worked for 2 years and 8 months due to having 2 children strait after each other :) My first is now 2½ years and the second just over 1 year. And now all the sudden I am going to spent lots of hours away from them every weekday. I am sure they will be happy playing with other children and so on and in the end I will to I like working and I have been missing it these last few months, jus going to feel different in the beginning until I get used to the new routines :)

Anyway moving on to my card I want to show you today! It’s a thank you card that I had an order for. I used the stamp "Kalla" from Stämpelkällans new collection of stamps and also the text stamp "tack, snirklig"

Used some ribbon and pearls and med the card in the color green, second card in a row that have that color now :)

Hope you like it.

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