måndag 9 juli 2012

Birthday card

Here is a card that I made a few months back for someone that turned two years old! The stamp is one of the lovely bears from Stämpelkällan and is called "Ludde med skylt"

The whole card is made from scrap pieces of paper and other stuff that I had lying around, I am seriously considering taking on the challenge of making 100 projects before buying something new. I need to really if it was just paper we are talking about I would probably have enough for 500 project... :) I just can help myself when I see pretty paper.

Recently I also went to a big store called Gekås where they have some scrapbooking stuff very cheap so I did stock up a bit and then there is this thing that is not easy when your mum owns a scrapbooking store and she shows you all the latest stuff!! :)

Ohh my maybe I really need the challenge... YES! It’s settled, I’ll do it! At least now it’s on the blog so it’s harder to cheat whit people reminding me. (If anyone is reading...: P)

Anyway here is a picture of the card!

And dont forget.. I love comments! :)

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