måndag 11 juni 2012



Here is a row of pennants I made for one of my daughters to hang above her bed. It’s eight in total six with just a letter on and 2 with other decorations. The stamps around the edges are from stämpelkällan and are two of my favorites Klocbakgrund and svirvel medblomma åt vänster.

The leaves is cut outs from a friend of my, San. I think her machine is called gazelle. She also made the shape for the pennants and is giving away the template for free on her blog along with allot of other stuff like a free dig stamp :) Here is a direct link to the pennant and the rest of the things you can find links on her right sidebar

Hope to see you back soon, and please, leave a comment :)!

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Majsan sa...

WOOW supersnygga vimplar såå snyggt du har dekorerat, ME LIKE :)