måndag 28 maj 2012

Mothers day card

 Hi there!

Here is a card I made and then sent of to my mother in law on the Swedish mother’s day (we kind of forgot the English one and she wasn’t happy... :)) Stamps come from Stämpelkällan and are called mini text with love, nalle hänger på skylt and tag med plumpar.

I love the simple but beautiful paper that I have in the background witch I had more of it. It comes from creative company I think so I can’t just go out and by more witch is a shame... :( But then again there is so much beautiful paper out there so I think it won’t be hard finding something else to take its place ;) Don’t you think?

That was all for this time!

2 kommentarer:

mia sa...

Så gulligt!
Fast det inte var till mig! :(
Skojar bara! :)
Jag fick ju en så underbar ros istället.

Monica =) sa...

Vilket fint kort -hon måste ha förlåtit den sena leveransen när hon fick detta tänker jag!!!