lördag 28 april 2012

Project:Board games

Hi all!

A few weeks ago we had, as we do every Saturday, project of the week. This time we were doing board games, I made a game I think is called "Sorry" in English Swedish name is "Fia med knuff". 

Normally the colours on the board is the basic red, blue, green and yellow but I choose to make it in softer and a bit more spring colours, which is yellow, pink, purple and a soft green.

I also made the board so you could fold it together like a little basket, perfect so you can store the little pieces and the dice when you are not playing.

The stamps come from Stämpelkällan and they are all from the latest release.

You can find them here:
cirkel med swirvelram/mindre

Have a nice day

2 kommentarer:

mia sa...

Det blev ju så himla coolt, ditt Fia med knuff!!
Du är så duktig!!

Majsan sa...

Men ÅÅH så snyggt, vilken rolig idè, helt fantastiskt :)