tisdag 28 februari 2012

Birthday card for a Man

Made this card for a friend and posted it to him so it showed up in his mailbox on his birthday. I am trying to end card to everybody I know this year, and I am trying very hard so they are received on the right day. It’s not easy, I can tell you I already missed one.... my aunt. I had the card ready and everything but her birthday was on a Sunday and I totally missed to send it on the Thursday so she would receive it on the Friday and after that I just spiraled out of control and I still haven’t sent it but... I haven’t forgotten!! I promise!! :)

Anyway back to this card the two stamps I have used are both from stämpelkällan and is called Kalaspingla med boa and Gratulerar snirklig.

I have been a good girl when it comes to the paper on this card :) Haven used any new paper but only scrap pieces. This is kind of a thing or me right now normally I just cut in to new papers all the time and the pile of scrap pieces, big and small,  just grows and grows. So I am working hard on not using all the new paper that I just can’t stop myself from buying.

I am not able to do make cards and stuff at the moment because all my stuff is packed up to save it from getting ruined from all the dirt and dust that is lying around now when we are renovating at home. So my not so frequently updated blog (I am trying to be better at that :)) will be even less frequently updated. I really hope they are done by the weekend and I can star unpacking again but I not too sure about that: s 

So until next time

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Majsan sa...

Jättefint kort!!

kram Majsan

mia sa...

jättefint kort!
Vem ska få det då? Eller är det ett att ha i reserv!!