lördag 7 januari 2012

Birthday card

Hi again

I have a friend who’s little boy just turned one year old o I sent him a card that I made. The whole card except for the base is made from scrap pieces that had lying around, Instead of cutting in to new papers :) I am really bad at using the older, small pieces but instead I go for the brand new stuff and make more scrap piece that I never use...and so on. You all probably know how it goes; I bet I’m not the only one with that problem :)
The stamps I have used are from Stämpelkällan... of course :) and are called:
Katten Missy
Kossan Rosa
Noshörning(which is on sale right now :))And the giraffe isn’t for sale in there web shop any more but as I said in my last post Ask in the FB groups maybe someone is selling his or hers old one if you really like it :)

They are all coloured with copics

Marta Stewart Punch, some flowers, glitter and my dymo is used for the decorations.

Here is the result:

Hope to see you back soon.

2 kommentarer:

"Witch" sa...

Tack för du hälsar på i min blogg. Det är SÅ kul när någon lämnar en hälsning också :)
Vilket gulligt kort, och ett sånt roligt motiv :)

Monica =) sa...

Hej där!
Vilket härligt kort, ett riktigt "glad-kort" =)

Kram Monica