onsdag 26 oktober 2011

Baby buggy

Hi all!

I have tried to make a buggy out of paper!! :) After a few tries (I think this is my sixth or seventh attempt) I finally got the hang of it :) Just need to get over the fear of using some force to get the shape you want, the paper is not so delicate as you think :) If you want to know how I did it I wrote it all down and took pictures and posted it at Stämpelkällnas blog, here is a direct link to the entry.

The stamps I used here is called Sans tag and Gratulerar snirklig two very usable stamps, I think I use at least one of them for every other thing I make !! :) Click the names and you will be taken direct to where you can get your own ones.

Have a lovely Wednesday, hope to see you back soon

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Jenny W sa...

Såååå superfin och urgullig! Kram Jenny W