onsdag 27 juli 2011

Another Octagonal box

Hi all

Today it’s not raining, it’s the other way around and I’m not sure that is so much better... hmmm I’m never happy am I ;p 

Well the rain did flood our basement and that means that my scrapping room got flooded to seeing as it's down there... :( that did not make me happy all my cardstock and design paper is water damage....  so lucky that I had some things that was almost finished so I have something to update my blog with :) It might soon be even longer in between the post because I’m having a baby in a week or two :)

So here is another box from the same template that I used last time, that you can go get at Sans blog. I used lots of flowers, pearls, a little bit of ribbon and my Martha Stewart butterfly punch.


2 kommentarer:

Elli sa...

Jättefint med alla blommor! Kram

Extramormor sa...

Vilken fin ask!! Vill härmas..
Hur mår du?
Vidare en önskan om att du skickar ett sms till 72970 och skriver "TIMME" (Läkare utan gränser) så skänker du för oss futtiga 50 kr till Afrika. Skicka det gärna vidare!
Tack på förhand och kram!